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Standing Scholarships and Assistantships

To encourage and foster the excellence of our students’ achievements, the school offers a number of scholarships to honour our outstanding students. Most scholarships are awarded on the strength of academic merits, and some on other non-academic achievements as specified by the donors including the former school supervisor, former principals, former teachers, Parents and Teachers Association and alumni.
Kit Sam Scholarships
Kit Sam Scholarship
The first 5 students who achieve good academic results and conduct in each form
Kit Sam Scholarship
The student who achieves good academic results and conduct in each class
Subject Prize
The student who achieves the best result in the subject in each form
Outstanding Performance in Arts & Sports
Students who have achieved good physical aesthetic performance in the school year
Award for Outstanding Voluntary Service
Students who have good performance in voluntary service inside or outside school in the school year
Other scholarships:
Former School Supervisor
Prof Ho Sui Chu
Kit Sam Outstanding Achievement Award
The most outstanding student in academic performance, conduct and service in the school year
Former Principal
Ms Li Mak Lai Ying
Positive Initiative Award
The student who strives to make progress in times of adversity
Former School Vice Principal
Ms Li Lai Yee Fong
English Langnage Award
The first 3 students who achieve the best overall result in English in each form
Former teacher
Mr Choi Fu Man
Science Award
The first 3 students who achieve the best overall result in Science in each form
Chemistry Prize
The student who achieves the best overall result in Chemistry in each form
Parents and Teachers Association
Certificate of Best Conduct
The student who has the best performance in conduct inside and outside school in each class
Merit System – Gold Award
The student who has good performance in academic achievement, conduct, activities and services, and has the most number of merits in each form
Ms Wan Yuen Shan
Ms Chiu Ka Pik
Most Improved Students Award
Students who have outstanding improvement in academic performance and conduct in each class
Ms Chiu Ka Pik
Certificate of Dedication
Diligent students without records of absence, lateness, early leave, no submission of homework and punishment with a pass in overall average mark and are not subjected to trial promotion
1.    With the generous support from our alumni, past teachers and friends, we provide immediate relief for students who have financial difficulties, allowing them to concentrate on their studies.
2.    The ‘Kit Sam Assistantship’ and the ‘Mrs. Ng Chan Si Mui Grant’ are offered to students who have financial difficulties.
3.    Any students who need the assistantships should apply via their class teacher.
Donation of school uniform
The school uniform contractor offers several school uniforms to our disadvantaged students (applicable to the students receiving full/half grant under School Textbook Assistance Scheme or Comprehensive Social Security Assistance). Students may get the application form from the General Office and return it to their class teacher. The beneficiaries will be selected by the Principal.
Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Scheme / Student Financial Assistance Scheme
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Life-wide Learning Fund
l~   The fund aims to enable financially needy students from P1 to S6 to participate in Life-wide Learning programmes organized or recognized by schools. The following are those eligible students:
(i)                 receiving ‘Comprehensive Social Security Assistance’ (CSSA) or
(ii)               receiving full grant under School Textbook Assistance Scheme (full grant) or
(iii)             meeting the school’s established ‘financially needy’.
~   F.1 – F.3 students can apply for the fund up to $300 each year, while F.4 – F.6 students can apply for $500 each year.
~  The eligible students may get the application form from the General Office and return it to their class teacher. Successful applicants have to return the reply slip signed by their parents/guardians to the General Office before the funds are released.
School-based After-School Learning and Support Programme
~   Programmes are organized by the school to suit the needs of students and extra assistance for needy students is provided.
Financial Assistance Schemes under the Student Financial Assistance Agency (SFAA)
(1)    The School Textbook Assistance (TA) Scheme is to provide assistance to needy students for covering the costs of essential textbooks and other miscellaneous school-related expenses.
(2)    The Student Travel Subsidy (STS) Scheme is to provide travel subsidy to needy students residing beyond 10 minutes walking distance from school and traveling to school by public transport.
(3)    The Subsidy Scheme for Internet Access Charges (SIA) is to provide subsidy to needy families to meet the Internet access charges for e-learning at home. The subsidy is granted on a household basis. Eligible families will receive a flat-rate cash grant, regardless of the number of children in the family.
(4)    The Examination Fee Remission (EFR) Scheme is to provide assistance to needy students attending public examinations conducted by Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (HKEAA). Those students receiving half grant under School Textbook Assistance Scheme are also eligible to apply for the scheme.
~  Each applying family should return one completed application form only to the SFAA by post. Applicants receiving the Eligibility Certificates (ECs) should select the appropriate Scheme(s) in the ECs for their children and submit the completed ECs to the class teacher before the deadline.
Grantham Maintenance Grants
~   The Fund, which was established in 1955, provides maintenance grants to students who are in financial need.
~   The student must be a Hong Kong resident who is not in receipt of the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) in his/her own name or as a member under the applicant’s family. Students who are repeaters will not be considered for this application except under very exceptional circumstances.
Those students who are interested in the scheme may download the application form from the website of SFAA (http://www.sfaa.gov.hk/tc/other/content16.htm).  Please submit the completed application form together with the relevant documentary proofs on the annual income to the class teacher before the deadline.